LCM Configuration | config mode ApplyAndAutoCorrect locks files being checked


We have setup the LCM of the servers to pull configs from the pull server. We use this model to deploy our application DLL and other file resources to the target servers (nodes). We have configured our target server (clients) LCM with configuration mode set to ApplyAndAutoCorrect. This was all good until we lately found issues in our application like the process is not able to access the file as it is being used by another process. After some research it looks like the LCM, while doing the consistency check it is placing a lock on the files and the iis worker process is not able to access those files (dll) that are currently being consistency checked.

I am not sure if I am doing things right - any help here is appreciated.

the refresh mode frequency are set to default.


That’s kind of the desired behavior. The LCM has to lock the file to look at it to make sure it’s configured like it’s supposed to be. That way if it has to make any changes, it’s got the file. You’ll have to decide if that works for you or not.

Thank you, Don!

Is it possible to set this property of configurationmode in partial configuration. so we could control what configurations are to be consistency checked and what need not be.

No. Configuration mode is set in a meta-configuration and applies to the entire configuration.