Lastlogondate not accurate

OK, here’s a weird one…

I’ve been using the ‘lastlogondate’ property quite a lot in my current environment.

However, some of the users are logging on and for some reason, the lastlogondate property is not updating. (i.e. in some cases it’s remained at the same date for almost a month, despite the users logging on daily).

I absolutely love having this feature available but I really do need it to be reliable.

Can anyone suggest what might be going wrong and where I should look first? Cached credentials are not used in our environment.

You know that doesn’t replicate, right? You have to check it on every DC? lastLogonTimestamp replicates (albeit low-priority with something like a 14-day possible window).


I do now!

Thanks Don!


Do you mean LastLogonTimestamp? If so, you should read this:

Thanks Poshoholic,

That’s a really useful article.

Appreciate your help.