issues getting attributes to appear in exchange

I am trying to create bulk Equipment resources in exchange when i try to create them, the equipment get created but the attributes are note present i tested the cmdlets for set-user and set-calendar processing to make sure they work . It does not want to pass the argument from the .csv file Not sure what i am doing Wrong


I think its the “$_.” it will not pass the name if the “-Identity” parameter is used. I tried the “FOREACH” statement but that is not working. please help!

Import-Csv “c:\TestVehiclesEquipmentRooms.csv” | %{New-Mailbox -Name $.Equipmentname -Alias $.alias -OrganizationalUnit $.Oupath -Equipment} | %{Set-User ForEach-Object | -Identity $.Equipmentname -Office $.Office -Phone $.TelephoneNumber -StreetAddress $.Street -City $.City -StateOrProvince $.State-PostalCode $.ZIP -CountryOrRegion $.Country -Notes $.Notes} | %{Set-CalendarProcessing | ForEach-Object -Identity $_.Equipmentname -AutomateProcessing AutoAccept -AllowConflicts $false -AllBookInPolicy $true -AllRequestInPolicy $false -AllRequestOutOfPolicy $false}

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