issue with DataGrid

hi all,

I have this line in my script:

$events | ForEach-Object { $dataEventLog.Rows.Add($.Time, $.EntryType, $.Source, $.Message) }

I can see all events in my datagrid but the Time value is empty. All other columns are filled. I receive no error.

Someone has an idea of the cause of this?


I only see TimeGenerated and TimeWritten properties for this object.

 $event = Get-EventLog -Newest 1 -LogName Application
 $event | Select-Object TimeGenerated,TimeWritten,
 EntryType,Source,Message | Out-GridView


this is what i see;

PS C:> Get-EventLog -Newest 1 -LogName Application

Index Time EntryType Source InstanceID Message

65771 Mar 03 11:38 Information SelfServicePlugIn 1 Self-service Plug-in exited.

timegenerated does what I need.