Is there really no easy way of switching metered connections on or off?

Hi everybody! I got here through awesome channel9 PS lessons.

I wanted to start to make my automatization scripts. But one problem is bothering me. I want to be able to turn Metered connections ON. I thought it would be as easy as switching hibernation on or off - one command with one parameter. But its not. In google i saw a bunch of big, complicated scripts which do that. Im dont want to run anything from internet which i dont fully understand (as PS beginner). So really there is no way of setting this on easily?

Or may be there are other ways to achieve the main goal - turning off updates? I want to keep our testing win10 machines (jenkins slaves) in frozen state but yet connected to internet.

I tried some registry hacks, task sheduler, disabling update service etc. Metered connections are the only one that worked .