Is there or similar SUID, SGID and Sticky stuff in windows, any PS cmdlet can do

Always met some not well designed software , which is required admin rights to run it. But we can’t give a normal user the admin rights.

I wonder if there is a way to make a program always runs in admin rights, just like in linux the SUID set a binary file always runs as its owner , like /usr/bin/passwd. the passwd command always runs as root (that’s the owner of this passwd binary file)

Or is there a similar way to do that in windows.

For more detail :

My company use skype , but sometimes skype will try to update the version. When the normal domain user run it , system will pop up a UAC windows to let user to type a user account who has admin rights. I want skype always runs as admin account,let’s say it is administrator.

Any advise,

I post this question in powershell core repo in github , they recommend me to use JEA , however , I think it’s too complicate for this question.


Like from the PSCore repo, I would suggest to go with JEA. It’s not that complicated. You can give it a try.

I agree with kvprasoon and the PSCore repo. A JEA endpoint would be the best case for your situation.