$_ is not working!

I am trying to take a zip file that can be in any directory using the gci and $. I am using a foreach to find it, move it, unzip and process the documents before working on the next zip. Still the $ is coming back null. Any suggestions?

$FileLimit = 1
$Counter = 0

gci -Path "D:\AR Lockbox Checks\*ny*\" -Filter "*.zip"| Select-Object -first $FileLimit | %{ 

    Move-Item $_ -destination "D:\AR Lockbox Checks\"
	Invoke-command -ScriptBlock {C:\Windows\System32\cscript.exe '\\bmnj62-p-obas3\D$\AR Lockbox Checks\Scripts\unzip AR Chase Lockbox.wsf'}
	Start-Sleep -Seconds 30
	Copy-Item -Path "D:\AR Lockbox Checks\index*" -Destination "D:\AR Lockbox Checks\OnbaseImport\ReadyIndex$date$time.txt"
	Copy-Item -Path "D:\AR Lockbox Checks\index*" -Destination "D:\AR Lockbox Checks\OnbaseImport\SuppIndex$date$time.txt" 
	Remove-Item -Path "D:\AR Lockbox Checks\Readme*" 
	Remove-Item -Path "D:\AR Lockbox Checks\index*"
	Move-Item -Path "D:\AR Lockbox Checks\*.zip" -Destination "D:\AR Lockbox Checks\BackupZip\" -Exclude "D:\AR Lockbox Checks\*ny*","D:\AR Lockbox Checks\*checkimg*"
	Move-Item -Path "D:\AR Lockbox Checks\*.tif" -Destination "D:\AR Lockbox Checks\OnbaseImport\"


Every part of the code works except this part below. It cannot move the zip because after the foreach it no longer is in the pipe line?

gci -Path "D:\AR Lockbox Checks*ny*" -Filter “*.zip”| Select-Object -first $FileLimit | %{

Move-Item $_ -destination "D:\AR Lockbox Checks"

What do you get if you just run …

gci -Path "D:\AR Lockbox Checks\*ny*\" -Filter "*.zip"

Hello Bob,

It returns a list of the different Zip files in different sub folders.

Directory: D:\AR Lockbox Checks

Mode LastWriteTime Length Name

d---- 3/9/2016 2:56 PM 03032016070345.ny00227d.zip
d---- 3/9/2016 2:56 PM 03042016060047.ny00227f.zip
d---- 3/9/2016 2:56 PM 03042016070250.ny00227d.zip
d---- 3/9/2016 2:56 PM 03042016070326.ny00227g.zip
d---- 3/9/2016 2:56 PM 03072016060130.ny00227f.pgp.zip

I need this powershell to take these zip move them 1 at a time and process them.

  1. find the zip(Works)
    2.Move the zip 1 at a time to were the unzip.wsf file can unzip the zip file. (broken)
    3.Unzip.wsf unzips file (Works)
    3.processes the unzipped files.Works)

Instead of just $, you should specify the property you want. If you change $ to $_.FullName, this should work.

Move-item can take pipeline input, so if you ran just `gci -Path "D:\AR Lockbox Checks*ny*" -Filter “*.zip” | Move-item -destination D:\somepath` you would be good.

But you’re not doing that, you’re calling Move-Item in standalone, so you have to be a bit more specific with the cmdlet, to tell it what you’re trying to do.