Import-csv command piping needs to be done in below code

Please help me to ad Import-csv in below code. Below code is for used to get computer from AD and then find the shared folder path from it.

What my requirement is I will provide the input file of computer name by using Import-csv command and then will fetch the shared folders present on each server or computer.



import-module activedirectory;

$servers = get-adcomputer “Hostname” | where {$_.enabled -eq $true};

foreach ($server in $servers) {

if(test-connection -cn $ -quiet -count 1) {

write-host “-------------”;
write-host $;
write-host “-------------”;

$shares = gwmi win32_share -computer $;

foreach ($share in $shares) {

if (($ -ne “print$”) -and ($share.path -notlike “LocalsplOnly”) -and ($ -notmatch “.$”) -and ($ -ne “ipc$”) -and ($ -ne “sysvol”) -and ($ -ne “netlogon”)-and ($ -ne “admin$”)) {

$out = $ + “,” + $ + “,” + $share.path;
$out >> c:\output.csv


write-host “”;


You should explain more detailed what exactly you’re trying to do. I’d recommend to ask the author of the script for assistance.

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