Identify where Full Control access has been applied to all folders on a server

I’m new to Powershell and I need to identify on a few servers I have where Full Control and List permissions have been applied to all folders on the servers. Is there such a way to do this? I’ve searched online but havent found anything that points to a server as a whole, only on particular paths.

When you’re working with ACLs in Windows, they are applied to known system objects such as files, directories or registry keys. An ACL does not apply to a system as a whole, so there isn’t a way to just query the system directly for ACL information.

However, you can get a list of attached volumes with Get-PSDrive. If you apply it like this:

Get-PSDrive -PSProvider 'FileSystem'

it will give you a list of volumes that are currently mounted. You could then use that list with Get-Acl to find permission information for each volume.

Be aware that if any of your systems use mapped network drives they may not be automatically available to PowerShell (they won’t show up in the Get-PSDrive output), and you may need to explicitly map them using New-PSDrive before PowerShell can do anything with them.