I need Help about PGP and format 4096

Hello everyone, in this case i have a problem with my little project. I need moficate the format PGP to format 4096 but when I try, only have error. The version of my PGP in my system is 0.1.9. I adjunt a picture because I try with some options and all is error.

this my script :

New-PGPKey -FilePathPublic $PSScriptRoot\Keys\PublicPGP2ALEXA.asc -FilePathPrivate $PSScriptRoot\Keys\PrivatePGP2ALEXA.asc -UserName ‘1@gmail.com’ -Password ‘Test!’

The error say : “No parameter found matching parameter name”

Assuming you are using this function:

PSPGP/New-PGPKey.ps1 at master · EvotecIT/PSPGP (github.com)

It looks like you are using the ClearText parameterset and have provided all mandatory values. Do not see parameters for KeyLength, BitLength, KeySize, KeyAlgorithm. If you are trying to specify 4096, you would need to use a different parameterset for Strength or StrengthCredential and provide the username\passwords a PSCredential. There doesn’t appear to be any documentation, so you just need to guess what to pass. Guessing Strength parameter is the 4096?