HTML output issue with Chrome/Edge but works perfectly with IE

Hi All,

I am using below script to prepare the Hyper-V inventory which outputs in HTML format and it works fine however, the output looks misaligned in chrome/Edge but looks perfect in IE.

Hyper-v Report

I have tried changing the encoding but it didnt make a difference.

Non Working Output in Chrome/Edge

Any help would be highly appreciated :slight_smile: Thank you in advance.

Hi, welcome to the forum :wave:

This isn’t really something we can help with. There’s way too much code for one of us to review and, ultimately, this is going to be a HTML/CSS question rather than a PowerShell question.

In the link you posted, in the script’s help section, there’s a website and contact details for the script’s author. Have you tried reaching out to the author to see if they can help you?

I agree with Matt, a CSS or HTML issue, not to mention the fact that IE dances to its own drum when it comes to the HTML DOM. I cant tell you how much time I have spent/wasted trying to get CSS/HTML working in new standards compliant browsers AND IE.

I really wish IE would either comply to standards or completely go away.

Just my $.02 …