How to optimize the SQL query result processing

The need is to read a large set of data from system 1 and do some data manipulation and push the data to System 2, The total number of rows is around 1M, The job does what it needs to do, but takes about 1.5 days to complete. The data is indexed and I am using stored procedures to insert the data in second system. I am trying to find if it is possible for me to split the results that i am getting from system 1 into smaller chunks and start multiple process to process the data so that the data can be processed at a faster pace. Such as using the NTiles() option or any other methods, Please do let me know, Appreciate a reply. Thanks.

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It might be a little bit older and not the best quality but I think it shows that there’s no easy answer to your very vague question we could give you in a forum like this.