How to launch lenovo vantage using powershell

is it possible to launch lenovo vantage using powershell commands

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Since PowerShell is a Commadnd Line Interface you just need to call the command line to launch lenovo vantage and you’re done. :man_shrugging:t3:

iam looking for that command. Lenovo vantage is a service rather than an application. So it is becoming little difficult

If I remember right there was a start menu item you could click on to launch it on Lenovo laptops. Just copy the command line behind this start menu item.

That’s not a PowerShell issue though. You may ask your question in a Lenovo related forum.

A common thing i ask people:

What are you trying to accomplish? Saying you want to launch vantage using PS commands tells us nothing of what you are attempting to accomplish by doing so.

Typically services are applications. Every service runs some sort of application under the hood, that often has specific parameters. Usually services run automatically and perform some task… for example edge has a ‘service’ that checks for updates. This service simply runs an exe. Lots of software you may install for hardware (like Logitech) often has some sort of auto-updater that often installs a ‘service’ and launches on startup. these do nothing but run an exe with specific parameters and run as a specific user account (typically local system). If it’s already running as a service you can see the service and check the executable path to see what’s being launched.

basically I wanted to open Lenovo vantage from the burnt toast notification.

i tried this command start-process “C:\Program Files (x86)\Lenovo\VantageService\\LenovoVantageService.exe”

it throw me below error

You don’t run a service by running it’s exe. If you’re really trying to run the service, use Start-Service. I have a hunch that you haven’t identified the proper exe for the app/UI.

yep exactly right. That exe is built to be a service application. to further iterate on my post - most (not all) applications that are ran as services are meant to run in the background. There are some exceptions though.

It sounds like ur wanting a GUI application (intended for an end user), so you need to find the exe associated w/ that.

yes iam looking for the lenovo vantage GUI to be opened through command line

You should look back at olafs suggestion. Basically find the app you want and right click open file location should send you to the short cut or Exe. If it’s the shortcut then look at it’s properties. I’f it’s the Exe then try to launch that. Sorry I don’t have any experience with the software and don’t have a Lenovo to test it.

thanks for the information shared!!!