How to install packages which doesn't register in add/remove programs?


I have couple of apps like putty.exe or any portable apps, how can i install them using dsc?

Of-course i have installed them using cApplication Module, but as they are not as regular apps dsc detecting them as absent every-time and re-installing them. My dsc lcm should be in ApplyandAutoCorrect mode always.

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I would use the File resource to ensure the executable (or folder) is present where you expect it. The Archive resource would be another option if you want to use a zip file as the source.


If its like an exe which exports a portable for example. Meaning you need to run an “installer” but it doesn’t show up in the programs features. The you could use the xPackage resource, with that you can get DSC to create a custom reg key that it uses to track the state of the installation. The only problem I have with the file resource solution is that the source file then always need to be available and DSC will continually check the source to see if it matches the destination. Not necessary if you just want to install an app and have it stay at a particular version.