How to import Package (not module)?

I installed the SharpDx package from Here but is there a way to import it, just like import-module, so that I wouldnt have to specify the assembly (dll) path(s)?

For now, the only way I found is to use Add-Type to reference the assembly but is there no other way besides this?

#Reference where you kept the dxSharp files
$dxSharpPath = 'Path\To\DLLs'

#Load the sharpDX Libraries
Add-Type -Path "$dxSharpPath\sharpdx.dll"
Add-Type -Path "$dxSharpPath\Sharpdx.Directinput.dll"

#Create new DirectInput object
$dInput = New-Object -TypeName SharpDX.DirectInput.DirectInput

I am ultimately trying to create the directinput object