How to find out Azure Devops Build Number in Rest api using the queueTime

I’m new to powershell, json and Azure Devops Rest api and don’t know how to get the pipeline buildNumber if I know the date and time of when the build was queued. I have tried:

$AllQueueTimes = (Invoke-RestMethod{organization}/{project}/_apis/build/Builds?api-version=5.1-preview.2 -UseDefaultCredential).value.'queueTime'
Write-Output "IndexOf($AllQueueTimes, "2020-06-08T14:12:38.1584424Z")"

I wasn’t able to use the “2020-06-08T14:12:38.1584424Z” string in the invokation like this:{organization}/{project}/_apis/build/Builds?queueTime=2020-06-08T14:12:38.1584424Zapi-version=5.1-preview.2

Not to be curt; however, this seems to be more of a question related to calling the Azure DevOps Rest API.

As I have been learning in my own journey to uncover the great world of APIs and query such APIs, I have used PostMan a great deal to test my calls to the API before I go on and code them. Postman, provides a relatively easy user interface to make calls to APIs and test.

My suggestion would be ironing out your url (request - w/query) with Postman and then once you know its tested and returning the correct info, plop that in to your code.