How to completely uninstall a Pull server?

How can I completely erase all traces of a pull server configuration? I have a strange bug that even after re-running a pull server config script I still cannot get nodes to run a consistency check after registration. I know to delete the IIS sites but I imagine there are other files that should be deleted as well.

Do the following:

  1. in IIS, delete the website, then delete the PSWS application pool
  2. Physically delete the folder on the drive where the web site was located
  3. Remove the DSC windows feature
  4. go to C:\Program Files\WindowsPowershell and delete the DSCService folder

on the node:
Go to C:\windows\system32\configuration
and delete the meta config files
you can also delete the previous/current mof files as they will be recreated after you configure all the process from scratch
also go the certificate management console and remove any DSC certificates you find there

Thank you - worked perfect!!!