How do I properly rename a module ending in *

I have found several modules I would like to use with DSC - eg;

The zip offered to download ends in instead of the version name… which I cannot find in the package anywhere. Don’t I need to rename this package with the version appended and then create a checksum - or has this changed? …or maybe I’m just lost!? :slight_smile:

The version will be inside the .psd1 file that is the manifest of the module. It will be under ModuleVersion.

You still need that module zipped with the version appended and to create a checksum and send them both to the pull server.

Ok thanks! What does the zip contents folder structure look like? Should it be:

PackageManagementProviderResource- > PackageManagementProviderResource >

Each of those folders?

Based on

Towards the bottom,in the section called DSC resource module package format, you should be removing the version folder.

Note that you downloaded a repository from github. That’s why you had -master at the end of the file name to denote the master branch. Normally you would get the DSC resource package from the PowerShell Gallery, once you do get it from there, if you look at the folder structure you’ll see it correct, but if you want to get it from github for the purposes of delivering it via the pull server to the nodes, you’ll have to do those extra steps.

Hope this helped :slight_smile:

Very useful!!! Thank you very much!!!