How can I specify using 5986 on one node with DSC

I have my web server in the DMZ so my security team requires it only use winrm ssl or 5986. The rest of the servers are in an internal subnet so winrm 5985 will work with those. I have created the https winrm listener on my DMZ server. How can I accomplish this?

Not sure I understand this question. 5986/HTTPS is the default listener. Can you be more specific?

When I run the DSC -Invoke command my script hits all of the nodes that have 5985 open but not the server that only has 5986 open. It errors out on that server. I believe DSC runs on http. Maybe I am wrong.

Hmm … sorry, I should not have spoken up as I have no idea what DSC is … very sorry about that. Hopefully someone else will have an answer. I thought it was an alias but I can not find any in PowerShell.