Help with Inventory PS Code


I can get the Hostname, Serial and Mac from the following, but wondered if there is a better way to structure the PS?

Get-ComputerInfo | Select-Object -Property BiosSeralNumber,CSDnsHostName,{Get-NetAdapter -Name Ethernet | Select MacAddress}




Maybe not a better structure but a probably slightly faster way as Get-ComputerInfo used to be very slow: :wink:

    BiosSerialNumber = (Get-CimInstance -ClassName Win32_BIOS).SerialNumber
    MacAddress       = Get-NetAdapter -Name Ethernet | Select-Object -ExpandProperty MacAddress

To learn best practices and styles you could read up The Unofficial PowerShell Best Practices and Style Guide.

BTW: When you post code please format this as code using the code tag button named “PRE”. Thanks.

Thanks Olaf, that works nicely and the output is certainly more attractive than my code.

I will start reading through the guide, cheers for helping out here.