Help to search and print line with greater than like 50%

Hi All,

I am new to powershell, please suggest.

i was using Select-String -Path | -pattern, but it only search the given value.

I am trying to search and print line if that line value is 50% and above.
ex: Print WESTDEV have 82%,81% that line has to be printed and send email.

/dev/sdb 984G 289G 695G 30% /var/lib/influxdb
/dev/sdb 984G 286G 699G 29% /var/lib/influxdb
/dev/sde 984G 798G 187G 82% /var/lib/influxdb
/dev/sdc 984G 793G 192G 81% /var/lib/influxdb
/dev/sdd 984G 439G 545G 45% /var/lib/influxdb

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To find the percentage value above 50, you will need to use a regular expression:

Select-String -Path .\data.txt -Pattern '[5-9][0-9]%|100%' | 
    Select-Object -ExpandProperty Line

To send an e-mail use Send-MailMessage


Thank you matt ! it worked for me.

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