Help removing DSC resource from config

This is a bit of a “non-standard” situation. Specifically, I’m using DSC to configure the Windows 10 desktops in our Call Center and Warehouse Offices. So the “shoot it and build another” solution I would use on a server doesn’t apply here.

The specific problem is that I included the “xPendingReboot” resource in the initial configuration. This worked well to solve a package installation problem I had during initial setup. However, it’s causing problems for some users due to inconvenient reboots. OK so take it out of the config, recreate the mof, new checksum, let DSC do it’s thing. So far so good.
When I run a “get-dscconfiguration” against my testing node, the xPendingReboot is still there! There is no Ensure property that I can find, so I can’t use “Ensure = Absent”…

So I’m kind of at a loss as to what to do to correct this problem… Suggestions?
Thanks in advance!

How did you set the LCM on the node in relation to Reboots ?

Do you just see it as existing resource or is it actually still rebooting after the node applied the new mof (without the xPendingReboot module) ?

If youre bothered for seeing the resource still exiting on the station, remove the folder from the modules folder, where you placed them initialy.

I’ve got the LCM set for RebootNodeIfNeeded = True.
Yes I just saw it when doing a Get-DscConfiguration, I haven’t seen it throw an “Unexpected reboot” yet so this may be much ado about nothing.

Thanks for the insight!