help function does not display 1 page at a time

I have just installed PS ISE for Win7 64-bit.
$PSVersionTable confirms I have 5.1 running. Everything working perfectly fine.

I am following the book “Learn Windows PS in a month of lunches” (3rd ed.).

At the very top of page 24, it says:
“Help works much like Get-Help, but pipes the output to More, allowing you to have a nice paged view instead of …”.

Perhaps I am misreading this section (3.3), but it does not work as documented.
I type:
and the entire contents flash by without a pause after so many lines.
Everything else works exactly as written in the book (so far), except the help cmdlet (function).
Any tips would be highly appreciated.

Page by page output only works in a console. If you like to have a comfortable view to help topics even from the ISE you can use the parameter -ShowWindow. It will open a seperate resizable movable zoomable window with the help topic.

My sincerest thanks Olaf, but I typed and ran that help command from the console pane of the PS ISE window.

I have tried your suggestion which works perfectly, but cannot determine what I’m doing wrong from the console.

Many thanks in any case for your helpful and informative advice.


The ISE console works somewhat differently from the standard PS console. Try it in the regular console instead and see if there’s a difference. It does work for me in a regular console.

But if you need it in the ISE, see if the pipe to More works at all; it may not work in the ISE’s console snapin implementation:

Get-Help about_Splatting | More

If not… well, I guess that other suggestion may have to be your go to. This functionality does seem to work in VS Code – I highly recommend that as an alternative editor if the ISE continues to give you difficulty.

Thank you Joel , I will try both.

My sincerest gratitude.

Many thanks to both Olaf and Joel. I now have a much better knowledge of how the help function works in PS and PS ISE consol
In PS console, help does display a page at a time.
In PS ISE, help simply dumps the entire list, not giving the user the chance to read a page at a time.

When help is run with the -ShowWindow option, it produces a separate window that allows the help text output to be read forward and backward using a vertical scrollbar on the window. This is best when in PS ISE console.

My sincerest thanks to you both.