Group Resource not auto-correcting?

Testing DSC w/PS5 in lab scenario. I have a Pull server and a single client both running W2K12 R2. Using just the Service and Group resources as a test - have the LCM set to “ApplyandAutoCorrect”. Using Test-DscConfiguration - the correct True/False responses are generated. When i manually stop the service i am testing with and run Update-DscConfiguration - it immediately starts the service.

I created a local group “TestGroup” and have the “Ensure = Absent” set but the group is never removed. Any ideas?

The script to create the mof file is as follows:

Configuration BaseConfig2 {

param( [string]$ComputerName=“localhost”)

Node $ComputerName {

Service SNMPService {
Name = “SNMP”
StartupType = “Automatic”
State = “Running”

Group TestGroup {
Ensure = “Absent”
GroupName = “TestGroup”



BaseConfig2 -output “.”

I’d say you need to spin up a diagnostics trace and see what gets logged.

Hi Greg

It seems to be working correctly in my enviroment.
Going to redo the scenrio on a clean machine to be sure its not something i left from my tests.

Arie H.