Getting a List of User with more than 2 roles that start the same

im trying to get a list of User with more than 2 roles which start the same. My script looks like this.

`Import-Module ActiveDirectory

Get-ADUser -Filter * -Properties memberOf |`

$.memberof -like '*abc*’ -and
$_.memberof.count -ge 2 } |

Format-List -Property Name | Out-File -FilePath C:\Users\Powershell\Desktop\Users.txt`

It does not work, because the Where Object memberof.count filters for all roles and not for the ones starting with “abc_”.

Thank you for your help


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You need to expand the multivalued property before you can count the values:

$SearchBase = 'OU=Berlin,OU=Germany,OU=Europe,DC=contoso,DC=com'
Get-ADUser -Filter * -Properties MemberOf -SearchBase $SearchBase |
    Where-Object {
        ($_.MemberOf | Where-Object {$_ -like '*abc*'}).count -gt 1
    } |
        Select-Object -Property Name |
            Out-File -FilePath 'C:\Users\Powershell\Desktop\Users.txt'

Regardless of that - foramt cmdlets like Format-List are build to display information on the console only. So if you want to add further steps you should never use format cmdlets.

Thank you, now it works.
Do i need to go via $SearchBase or can i just go via Get-ADuser -Filter * -Properties MemberOf?
Is there any specific reason to search/indicate for the location?

You don’t need to but it is highly recommended because you put a lot less stress on your AD when you specify a search base. :wink: