Get-PublicFolderStatistics Property

Need to know what the Get-PublicFolderStatistics property “LastUserAccessTime” refers to and how it is different from the property “LastAccessTime”

I am trying to sort through all of my public folders and I want to know which ones have not been used in a period of time. LastAccessTime shows they get access every morning but I gather that is due to the daily database maintenance. I am wondering if “LastUserAccessTime” shows when a user actually used the folder.


Unfortunately, I don’t have an Exchange machine handy to test on, and I’m not seeing anything documented anywhere. I’d guess that you’re on the right track with your thinking, but you’d need a way to test the theory - like finding a folder that doesn’t get used often, checking the LastuserAccessTime, then having a user (like you) hit the folder and then checking it again to see if the property changed. If you do, please post back so others will know!


The difference between LastAccessTime and LastUserAccessTime is LastAccessTime is when the system/admin access the folder such as AV, replication. LastUserAccessTime is the correct one to use to find out when it is last access by a user.