Get-PrintJob appending to existing CSV

Hi users

I’m trying to get overview of the printqueue of a specific printer.

I’m able to get what I need from the following command

Get-PrintJob -PrinterName \\printserver\printer| select -Property ComputerName, DocumentName, Position, PrinterName, SubmittedTime, TotalPages, Username | Export-Csv c:\temp\printqueue.csv

But I need a way of appending new jobs (and not adding perse and not adding a job that is already on it) to the csv file.

How would I do this?

If you are using PowerShell 3.0 or 4.0 then Export-csv gets an -Append parameter that will allow you to add records to a CSV file. The kicker is in your requirement to not add a job that already exists.

I suspect that you’ll need to read the CSV file into an array; get the current print jobs; add them to the array; select for unique jobs and export the CSV.

From the list of properties you are selecting what are you going to use to uniquely identify a job?