I have an excel file with a list of over 250 print servers. The excel file lists the agency within my company for each print server.

I am trying to export a list of printers found on each print server to a CSV file. I would like to include the agency with each printer.

See code below. Is there a way for me to append $agency to $getprinter so that the Export-Csv will include the agency for each printer? Thanks!

$excel = New-Object -ComObject Excel.Application

Set to True for development; change to $false for production

$excel.Visible = $false

Open Excel file. NOTE: $filepath and $List_Of_Printers need to be updated to absolute path when file location is changed.

$filepath = ‘D:\Users\zapfd\Scripts\PrintServers_5_29_20_test.xlsx’
$List_Of_Printers = “D:\Users\zapfd\Scripts\Printers.csv”
$workbook = $excel.Workbooks.Open($filepath)

Open First Worksheet

$worksheet = $workbook.Worksheets.Item(‘Sheet1’)

if (Test-Path $List_Of_Printers)
Remove-Item $List_Of_Printers

Read Server Names, output to file

$i = 2
DO {
Write-Host ($worksheet.Cells.Item($i, 1).Text.trim(),$worksheet.Cells.Item($i, 5).Text.trim()) -Separator " "
$printserver = $worksheet.Cells.Item($i, 1).Text.trim()
$agency = $worksheet.Cells.Item($i, 5).Text.trim()

$getprinter = Get-Printer -ComputerName $printserver |
Select-Object ComputerName,Name |
Sort-Object -Property Name

$getprinter | Export-Csv -Path $List_Of_Printers -Append -Delimiter ‘,’ -NoTypeInformation
} UNTIL ($worksheet.Cells.Item($i, 1).Value() -eq $Null)

Close Excel File



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I don’t like to deal with Excel sheets. So I won’t comment on your code. Sorry. But I’d like to show you an example way how you could match your printers and agencies.

$LookUpTable = @'
"Printer2", "Agency2"
"Printer3", "Agency3"
"Printer4", "Agency4"
"Printer5", "Agency5"
"Printer6", "Agency6"
'@ |

$printerList = @(

foreach($printer in $PrinterList){

        Printer = $printer
        Agency = ($LookUpTable | Where-Object {$_.Printer -eq $printer}).Agency

It might have been helpful if you shared some sample data from both of the lists you’re dealing with. :wink: