Get Manually Created users in AD

Hi All,
i want to ask that is there a way for getting all users which has been created manually in Active Directory. i don’t want to get automatically created accounts.

@ali-asghar, I do not understand your question. What do you mean “created automatically” vs “created manually”. The only 3 user accounts that are created by default in a new AD domain are “Administrator”, “krbtgt”, and “Guest”. Any other account besides these three could have been created manually or “automatically” by some third party product or process. It would then be up to the third party product to include some kind of indicator that it was created automatically by that process because AD will not know the different between you creating it or some other automated process creating it.

@curtis, thanks for replying .
from automatically i mean user created by third party product or process when we install the product. anyway thanks.I got the point and sorted out the reason.

Only way I can think of discovering this is to turn on AD logging so that you can track new user accounts being created. Most applications will create accounts in the Users container (because they know its guaranteed to be present) If you don’t use that container for standard user accounts you’ll catch the majority of the ‘automatically’ created accounts

Maybe you can search by date?