get-mailboxfolderpermission with /

Dear All,


I came across a rather strange phenomen. When I would like to view folder in outlook, which contain / slash.

for example bbr:“\00 Eingehende E-Mails\10/20er Regel”:

When I use exactly this string I can execute this command:

$users = (Get-MailboxFolderpermission bbr:"\00 Eingehende E-Mails\10/20er Regel").user.adrecipient.UserPrincipalName

but when I use it in value I am getting error:

$fname = "bbr:"\00 Eingehende E-Mails\10/20er Regel""

bbr:"\00 Eingehende E-Mails\10/20er Regel"

$users = (Get-MailboxFolderpermission $fname).user.adrecipient.UserPrincipalName
Cannot process argument transformation on parameter 'Identity'. Cannot convert value "bbr:"\00 Eingehende E-Mails\10/20er Regel"" to type
"Microsoft.Exchange.Configuration.Tasks.MailboxFolderIdParameter". Error: "The mailbox folder identity "bbr:"\00 Eingehende E-Mails\10/20er Regel"" isn't in the correct format. The correct
format should look like this: "<MailboxIdentity>:<FolderPath>". "

How comes, oh wonders.

Could you guys maybe help me with this mind boggling puzzle :slight_smile:

best regards


You don’t need inner quotes if you are storing it in a variable. The shell won’t parse them out if in a variable first. Use the following:

$fname = 'bbr:\00 Eingehende E-Mails\10/20er Regel'


Worked like a charm

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Thank you so much AdminOfThings45