Get-adobject remove for bulk servers & associate security groups as well

For a single server it is working fine. It is removing the server ANA-SRV002 & few security groups those are contain “ANA-SRV002” like “Printer_GRP_ ANA-SRV002_DP” but below script is not giving any error neither removing any object.
#It is working fine
Get-ADObject -Filter { CN -like “ANA-SRV002” } | Remove-ADObject -Confirm:$true

#Problemetic one for bulk servers
$Servers = Get-Content D:\Biswajit-Temp\Scripts\Decom_SRVs.txt
$ErrorActionPreference = “Stop”
foreach ($Server in $Servers)

Try {
Get-ADObject -Filter { CN -like “$Server” } | Remove-ADObject -Confirm:$true

Add-Content “$Server Object not found” -path $env:USERPROFILE\Desktop\Decom_UnknownHosts.txt

Hi Biswajit,

I’d suggest this is a perfect example for using breakpoints in the ISE with your script. If you put a breakpoint in your Get-ADObject… line and run the code.

You want to check the value of $Server (and $servers). Also whilst the script is temporarily halted, enter the line

Get-ADObject -Filter { CN -like “$Server” }

Into the console window, and see what’s being returned.

That’s going to give you a better idea of what’s happening.