FTP Command fails some of the time

$ftpparmfile =
$command = 'ftp -v -i -s:$ftpparmfile ’
Invoke-Expression “& $command”

These lines are used in a powershell script used in a scheduled daily tasks where files are transferred to a banking organisation.
Most of the time the FTP process is successful, but some of the time it is neither able to FTP any file nor gives any error.

What i think the problem is that the command timeout is early for ftp and need to increase the time for it it tries to transfer the file.
I have tried some timeout logic but none of them is working, Please suggest me some ways for to cope up with this!!

Well, because Ftp.exe is an external command (not a PowerShell cmdlet), you’re not really looking at a PowerShell problem, or a PowerShell solution. I’m not sure Ftp.exe provides a means of increasing the server timeout. All i can think of is either (a) fixing the server so that it responds promptly or (b) getting a better FTP client.