Forgotten password

Complete newby to Powershell, and most of the really technical stuff about computers!!!. So this may seem a bit of a silly question to some. I needed to access my PC running Win10 as “Administrator” to change/check a couple of things about my network adapter. But whenever I attempt to Log in as administrator or via Powershell. a window appears with c:\users\gordon> Presumably I then need to enter a password… But I’ve not got a clue as to what the password is !! How can I retrieve it, or get a new one ?

Actually, no. If you’re already logged in as Administrator, then the new window title bar should say Administrator, and you’ll have full privileges.

Are you logged into the computer as an administrator ? If so press the windows key and type powershell. right click on it and select run as admin.

If you are not logged in as admin is this PC on a domain ? if so get your net admin people to reset your admin password or create an admin account for you.

If this is a stand alone PC (Home) and you have a windows install disk (does not matter if it is Windows 7 ,8, 8.1 or 10) just search the internet on how to reset the Administrator password with a Windows install disk