filtering hostname from the output of a powershell command

Hi All,

Below command will give us the list of machines which are associated with account “john.hilton” from the domain “”. This command is working pretty fine and giving us the list of host names.

Now i want to check whether the host where i am running this script is also in the list or not. If the host name is in the list it should return hostname. if host name is not in the list then it should not return anything. How can i achieve this?

below is the command i am running.

((Get-ADUser -Server -Identity "john.hilton" -Properties LogonWorkstations).LogonWorkstations).split(",") | findstr hostname

You can get the hostname with the environment variable $ENV:ComputerName. You should read the help about_Comparison_Operators to learn how to compare objects in Powershell … read the examples as well please.

Using your example code:

$Hostnames = ((Get-ADUser -Server -Identity “john.hilton” -Properties LogonWorkstations).LogonWorkstations).split(“,”) |
findstr hostname

If ($Env:COMPUTERNAME -in $hostnames) {