Filter Xml Files from a directory

Hi All

I have a requirement wherein:

  1. I need to filter 100 XMl files from a directory that can have 5000 XML files.
    The list of 100 XML files (the names) is something I have in a text file(each filename in a separate line). Can you please help me with a small script snippet that can create a folder named YES_FILE and move all these 100 files into this directory. It would be great if
    we can have variables based absolute path.

  2. Invoke a packaged procedure from powershell script ( this would include connecting to the Database and then invoking one procedure and then exiting back to the powershell prompt.

The version I have access to is V 2.0

Appreciate your help!!!


Well, this forum isn’t really about writing a script for you, but we’re happy to try and answer questions! Do you have a specific question you wanted to start with?

Sure, thanks!