File content manipulation using PS 3.0


I am trying to fetch content from a .dat file specific to a pattern via powershell 3.0. I would like to get the count of number of “OK” under “STATUS” column(Exactly OK) which is an array. Below is the data for reference.

Daily Statistics

  ARP_COUNT      ARP_AMOUNT   STATUS                                                                                 

      1300      1998346.21    OK                                                                                     
        156        24949.19   OK                                                                                     
        350         87107.6   OK                                                                                     
     183222     20988447.31   OK                                                                                     
       2255       1042823.8   NOT_OK                                                                                     

Total Records

Thanks in advance!!

What have you tried so far? Using Get-Content would be a good start.

There may be a better way to do this, but this should work.

$status = Import-Csv "\\path\to\file.dat" -Delimiter ' ' -Header 'arpcount','arpamount','status' | 
Select-Object -Property @{n='Status';exp={If ($_.status -eq 'OK'){$_.Status}}}