Exchange Server, Shared Mailbox Calendars

Hi there

I’d like to up multiple calendars within a single shared mailbox, in Exchange 2013. It seems to be a rare use-case and I’ve found very little documentation on how this might be achieved.

The context is roughly as follows: several departments have submitted provisional calendars (CSV files) to a central “calendar management team”, who would like to see the information as a set of overlaid (i.e. color-coded) calendars in Outlook or OWA, to highlight potential clashes. We have a shared mailbox for the provisional calendar, and would ideally like to create individual calendars for each department, within this mailbox. I was hoping for something like following, but I’m most likely mixed up about how shared mailboxes are structured:

Get-Mailbox -identity provisionalcalendar | New-MailboxFolder -Type Calendar -Name "Sports"

There is probably a far simpler way to do this, so I’m all ears.

Many thanks

Shared mailboxes aren’t much different than a normal one, it’s just the access list that’s different. That said, this is definitely a rare use case, and I’m not certain it’s going to be easy for you. If this is a one-time setup thing, honestly, the GUI might be easier (e.g., Outlook).