Exchange 2k3 WMI/PoSh

by Slashj at 2013-01-25 04:20:25

Hello Community,

Right now we are merging 2 companies Domains together and for an special task we need to enable an forwarding on the old Exchange 2k3 for ~500 Users.

For this task we need specific MailContacts for every User and therefore have to create them and afterwards set the forwarding on each User-mailbox.

Here´s the point were im stuck :frowning: and i hope you guys can help me out a bit.

Every information is helpful for me :).

The Information i got right now is:

Exchange 2k3 has no such powershell modules like 2k7 (in 2k7 this task is really easy ^^), so therefor i tried to figure out if these tasks could be completed with WMI.
So i looked into ExchangeWMI a lil bit and this is the point i gave up ^^!

Sadly i dont have much experience in Exchange 2k3, and you guys are (besides takin a microsoft call) my last hope for this :).

So all together the task is like this:

Create MailContacts (Data comes from an .csv)
Create AD Contacts (This task is no problem since i can manage the AD with the quest tools)
Set Forwarding (Data comes from an .csv)

Kind regards
by DonJ at 2013-01-28 12:43:28
You’re correct in that Ex2003 has no PowerShell modules, nor can it be managed by PowerShell at all. There is some exposure through WMI, but it’s sketchy. Ex2003 wasn’t really built for this kind of administration. My first guess is that you’re out of luck - the amount of time it would take might well be longer than just doing it manually.

You might be able to dig on some older VBScript-based approaches that do some of what you’re after… but likely not all, and it’ll be quite a bit harder. Do some Google-ing on “exchange vbscript” and see what you come up with.

This is why companies like Quest made migration tools to automate these things :). They were hard to do on your own back then.
by Slashj at 2013-01-29 02:05:35
Thanks for your reply Don!

We discussed it right now a lil bit and are gonna follow your instructions to do it somewhat manually.

By the way, i bought your book “in a month of lunches” a couple days ago! Its written really good :), thanks for the wisdom you share with us!!