Error while configuring a core DC from a machine in same workgroup

I have a Windows 10 with Hyper-V installed. I have a VM that is Windows 2016 core and I am trying to install some services on the server using Server manager that is installed on the Windows 10-machine. I get the error “: Cannot connect to CIM server, No access”. I have added information for the local admin account in Server manager. I have also enablet PSRemoting on the server. I could make a PS-script to do this directly on the server but what permissions do I need to fix for this to work from Server manager? Any tips?

So, Win2016 has Remoting enabled already, so enabling it again doesn’t make any difference.

And this being a PowerShell forum, I’m not sure how much we can support you in terms of the Server Manager GUI. If this was something you were running in PowerShell, I’d have some troubleshooting advice based on whatever code you were using, but I’ve no idea how to duplicate that in Server Manager.

The problem is that configuring the servers using PowerShell from a non-domain computer does not work.

It’s a little tough to help, here… if you could show the commands you’re running, and the errors you’re getting, that would be a lot more useful. However, without taking some special steps, I would not expect access from a non-domain computer, to a domain computer, to work under the default configuration. Using Server Manager complicates it a bit, because I’m not entirely sure what that application is doing under the hood.

Are you only using Server Manager, or are you trying to use PowerShell commands? What commands are you running?

Are the servers in a domain at all?