Error: Missing statement block after if ( condition )

#Enter a path to your import CSV file
$ADUsers = Import-csv C:\scripts\newusers.csv

foreach ($User in $ADUsers)

       $Username    = $User.username
       $Password    = $User.password
       $Firstname   = $User.firstname
       $Lastname    = $User.lastname
    $Department = $User.department
       $OU           = $User.ou

       #Check if the user account already exists in AD
       if (Get-ADUser -F {SamAccountName -eq $Username}) -SearchBase "DC=XXX,DC=NET"
               #If user does exist, output a warning message
               Write-Warning "A user account $Username has already exist in Active Directory."
              #If a user does not exist then create a new user account
        #Account will be created in the OU listed in the $OU variable in the CSV file; don't forget to change the domain name in the"-UserPrincipalName" variable
              New-ADUser `
            -SamAccountName $Username `
            -UserPrincipalName "$" `
            -Name "$Firstname $Lastname" `
            -GivenName $Firstname `
            -Surname $Lastname `
            -Enabled $True `
            -ChangePasswordAtLogon $True `
            -DisplayName "$Lastname, $Firstname" `
            -Department $Department `
            -Path $OU `
            -AccountPassword (convertto-securestring $Password -AsPlainText -Force)


-SearchBase “DC=XXX,DC=NET” should be inside the ().

if(Get-ADUser -F {SamAccountName -eq $Username} -SearchBase "DC=XXX,DC=NET"){


Thanks so much for your quick reply. Unfortunately, I’m now getting the following error:

Get-ADUser : Error parsing query: ‘SamAccountName -eq $Username’

Error Message: 'Operator Not supported: ’ at position: '16



Check your query string and ensure that -eq is written with a hyphen and not some other dash character that just looks really similar. There are a few of those.


Sir, thanks for much for your help, that seemed to resolve some other issues I was having. I am now getting the following error:

New-ADUser: A paramater cannot be found that matches paramenter name ‘Gecos’

-Gecos <<<< $gecos `


I believe gecos is a valid parameter for New-ADUser so I don’t understand what problem is with this line…



gecos…what’s that !.

Please read the documentation for New-AdUser to see the parameters and examples.

Get-Help New-AdUser -Online

Sorry, I was looking at a different script using OtherAtrributes…thanks! How do I give you both credit?