Enable/disable users on globascape eft server

Hi all,
I am very new to powershell and I wanted to automate some process using PS.
I want to disable the users on EFT server, say like some FTP users.
We do manual work like as below,

Enabling or Disabling a User Account
When you disable a user account, the account and user folder are not deleted, allowing you to easily enable or disable the account as needed. (Enabling an account is different from unlocking an account.) When a disabled user in re-enabled in AD, the account is also re-enabled on the AD Site defined in EFT Server.
To enable or disable a user account

  1. In the EFT Server administration interface, connect to EFT Server and click the Server tab.
  2. In the left pane, click the user account that you want to enable/disable.
  3. In the right pane, click the General tab.
  4. Do one of the following:
    • To disable the user account, clear the Account enabled check box.
    • To enable the user account, select the Account enabled check box.
  5. Click Apply to save the changes on EFT Server. When an account is disabled, a red "X" appears over the user icon in the left pane https://help.globalscape.com/help/archive/eft6-2/mergedprojects/eft/images/icon_userdisabled.gif.
I just wanted to make it as a script to run all above steps when I execute the script.

Please do help me out.

You need to check with the vendor and see what capabilities there are for the product. The community is here to assist with issues or questions you have regarding code, not write scripts for you. Maybe the following can get you started:


Either what Rob says or using the sometimes reliable SendKeys to mimic these actions. There is an old module to assist with such PS GUI automation, but it is what it is, old and not maintained, but it still works.

WASP is a PowerShell snapin for Windows Automation tasks like selecting windows and controls and sending mouse and keyboard events. We have automation cmdlets like Select-Window, Select-Control, Send-Keys, Send-Click, Get-WindowPosition, Set-WindowPosition, Set-WindowActive, Remove-Window ... etc.

Our goal is to enable you to accomplish most Windows GUI Automation scripting from inside PowerShell, without resorting to specialized (and expensive) scripting tools.

Just to be clear, don’t expect any “click to record” functionality … but do expect to be able to automatically tile windows, send mouse clicks and keystrokes, and in general, automate those tasks that you would normally not be able to do from a console.
Using WASP and Powershell for powerful Windows GUI automation | EddyTech

Thanks Rob.

I just needed an idea or overview of it, whether it can be done/not.

Thanks postanote.

I’ll refer and go through the links.