Enable “Manager can update membership list"

by anwak at 2012-10-29 14:38:51

I am not positng it in exchange forums as it is an AD Distibution Gorups question, and we are not usign exchange server.

I have populated a large number of Distribution groups using PowerShell with the Owner (Managed by) information, but the check mark “Manager can update membership list” is not enabled.
I have tried PowerShell AD modules but it requires Exchange server cmdlets, we are not using Exchange server in our organization. I also looked at Quest AD cmdlets, but it requires Quest Active Roles server.
Is there is a script using Quest AD cmdlets or Powershell ver 2 AD modules (no exchange server) to bulk enable this setting with a Groups list imported from csv.
All the Distribution groups are in a single OU.

This property adds Write permissions (ACL) to the “Managed by” property, but the Dirstibution Groups are already populated with owners (managers). I only need to enable this check mark, so the Manages can add users to their Distribution Groups.

by coderaven at 2012-10-30 06:47:09
I know that in Exchange 2010 things have changed with regards to access to modify DL group membership and I don’t know to much about Exchange.

That said, setting the permissions on AD objects can be done pretty easy, with anything like that you must be very careful.

I see that there is a Add-QADPermission command in the Quest tools that may help you. I prefer to just use the built in Get-ACL; Set-ACL with the AD: PSDrive that is created when loading the Active Directory Module.

Look here for help with the Add-QADPermission intro.

Sounds like something useful, I will come back when I have time and see if I can put an example together.