Empty Begin and End Blocks

If I have nothing to put into begin and end blocks because i have no one-time initialization or cleanup code to run. Can I define a process block without a begin and end block or will it process like a single end block? If it works correctly, from a styling and readability view point, whats better, defining empty blocks or removing them?

You can omit Begin and End. Process will still act as Process.

I personally prefer to define empty ones and do so habitually.

Without to trying to be a smart ass but why don’t you just try it? Sometimes or actually really often it’s appropriate to do your own sience. If it works and does the job - it’s fine. :wink:

Thanks Don.

Olaf, I did try it but wasnt sure if my test was valid. If you dont specify any block its my understanding that it acts as one end block. Would still work but it wouldnt be optimal as it wouldnt pass on through the pipeline until complete. So i wasnt sure if my experiment was working optimally or not