Duplicate LCM AgentID's


I have an AWS environment in which I configure instances from the same base image (AMI) using a DSC pull server. The base image has been syspreped.

I am using ConfigurationNames to configure the LCM as I have multiple servers performing the same role.

My problem is the instances created from my base image have the same LCM AgentID. I assume this is the reason they are initially configured correctly but sooner or later receive the wrong MOF from the pull server. This leads to somewhat interesting results.

Is there a way to ensure each instance has a unique LCM AgentID? How and when is the AgentID set?


Instead of syspreping and creating an AMI, is bootstrapping through userdata an option since creating the DSC pull server is fully scriptable.

Thanks for the suggestion.

I am syspreping as I need PS5 April Preview installed on my instances. I’m already using userdata to configure the LCM, I suppose I could install PS5 as part of my userdata bootstrap, but that requires a reboot and I would still need to configure the LCM.

Turns out the AgentID is stored in HKLM:\Software\Microsoft\DesiredStateConfiguration.

If I make sure it’s unique before configuring the LCM all is well.