DTC: Read & Change Trace Output & Trace Transactions

Hello Everyone

I have a big Problem, i built a Report to collect all properties for the DTCs on a Server 2016. But i cant find 2 settings nowhere… I want to read & change the following Values from the Distributed Transaction Coordinator(DTC) with Powershell:

  • Index-Tab: Tracing --> Trace Output
  • Index-Tab: Tracing --> Trace Transaction
Here's also a picture i found at Google, it's the 2 Values on the Top:

I found the Function (Get)Set-DtcTransactionsTraceSetting, but with this Function i can only change these 3 Values:

  • AbortedTransactionsTracingEnabled (Trace Aborted Transactions)
  • AllTransactionsTracingEnabled (Trace all Transactions)
  • LongLivedTransactionsTracingEnabled (Trace Long-Lived Transactions)
I also checked Set-DtcAdvancedSetting there is also no option for these two Values. Also the other Get-Set-Dtc*-Cmdlets didnt help..

Also usually these Values should be saved in the registry under

  • HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\MSDTC\Tracing\Output or

  • HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\MSDTC\Tracing\Sources … But the “Tracing”-Folders are totally empty…

I already searched for a many hours on the Internet, but i cant find anything helpfull.

Any Ideas?

Never tried DTC cmdlets, but wouldn’t disabling theses three available properties have the same effect, as those are the only options under the first and the next setting.

I already tried this, but it has no effect on these 3 settings… that was one of my first thoughts… bud sadly no. im really desperate on this. I have no idea where to find search, googled so much already! I even looked at the second page of the google results, which i normally never have to do! but still nothing…

Explore some WMI options.

Im at the beginning of my Powershell-Career… I never used Get-WMIObject, but i will learn it now…

You sent me this link… Shoudlnt it be possible to get this list from the link also with the following command?

  • Get-WMIObject -List *dtc*
Because i dont get any of the suggestions from your link.. When i look at the list from your link, it almost the same as i get from the command:
  • help *dtc*

You can use CIM cmdlets to access this WMI namespace(Root\MsDTC).

Get-CimClass -Namespace Root\MsDTC

I donno in which class this setting will be available. So you can take possible classes to dig inn.


Get-CimInstance -Namespace Root\MsDTC -ClassName DtcTransactionInfo 

Hi kvprasoon

Thanks a lot for your support!

I started to try with Get-CimClass, but there is a problem. I started with a test with the class DtcTransactionsTraceSettings. Like this:

$test = Get-CimClass -ClassName DtcTransactionsTraceSettings -Namespace Root\MsDTC | select -ExpandProperty CimClassProperties

This gives me the 3 Values:

  • AbortedTransactionsTracingEnabled
  • AllTransactionsTracingEnabled
  • LongLivedTransactionsTracingEnabled
But the Values of these 3 CimProperties are empty.. They should contain true/false Values. Why are these Values empty? When i try with
$Tracing = Get-DtcTransactionsTraceSetting
There are Values inside the 3 Properties..

Best regards

You will have to use Get-CimInstance, Get-CimClass gives the details about that particular class.

Hei kvprasoon

I’m trying with Get-CimInstance, but still it gives me no Values back.

First i get the possible Properties with this command:

$class1 = Get-CimClass -Namespace Root\MsDTC -ClassName DtcTransactionInfo | Select -ExpandProperty CimClassProperties

Then i tried to get the Value like you said with Get-CimInstance like this:

$test1 = Get-CimInstance -Namespace Root\MsDTC -ClassName DtcTransactionInfo -Property "Description"

But test1 is still empty. There is no Value. To be sure i tried also with the following 2 commands:

$class2 = Get-CimClass -Namespace Root\MsDTC -ClassName DtcTransactionsTraceSettings | select -ExpandProperty CimClassProperties

$test2 = Get-CimInstance -Namespace Root\MsDTC -ClassName DtcTransactionsTraceSettings -Property "AbortedTransactionsTracingEnabled"

Any Idea what im doing wrong??

Thanks for your help, im quiet stuck at this point :frowning: