DSC-Service Error on 2008 R2

hopefully a simple oversight issue but…
I’ve read Dave Wyatt’s article “Setting up DSC on Win2008R2 Server Can’t find DSC-Service Feature” as well as working my way thru “The DSC Book”
But I still cant get past the DSC-Service issue

  1. DISM indicates its enabled:
    Feature Name : DSC-Service
    Display Name : Windows PowerShell Desired State Configuration Service
    Restart Required : Possible
    State : Enabled
  2. Get-WindowsFeature cant find DSC-Service (my assumption is because its not a native 2K8 feature)
  3. This would also explain why trying to run the PullServer config file returns this:
    VERBOSE: [xxxxxxxxx]: LCM: [ End Test ] [[WindowsFeature]DSC_Svc] in 2.2770 seconds.
    PowerShell provider MSFT_RoleResource failed to execute Test-TargetResource functionality with error message: The
    requested feature DSC-Service is not found on the target machine.
  4. No where in either Dave’s article or “The DSC Book” do I see any notes about explicitly creating/starting the DSC-Service. Again my assumption is this would be done as part of enabling the feature. I don’t see anything in the Services list, but again I’m assuming I should.

In other words, I’m stumped.

Tips, hints, obvious answers all appreciated

Have you restarted the machine? The “Possible” indication suggests that the installation isn’t yet complete.

But DSC-Service isn’t a service per se; it’s a website. Step 4 in your list will never occur.