DSC Pull Client not correcting drift

Hi guys,
I have just put in my first pull server and am just testing it out. I have a client which checks in and applies the config fine. But when I remove a Windows Feature to test drift correction, it does not correct it and reinstall the feature. I have got the LCM Configuration mode set to “ApplyAndAutoCorrect”. Running Update-DSCConfiguration -Verbose just tells me that there are no updates to the config, which I would expect and Test-DSCConfiguration returns false.

I have tried running the Consistency Scheduled task manually just to be sure but it never reapplies the missing Feature. Any help would be much appreciated.

PS Version 4.0
OS Windows 2012 R2

Is your client fully patched including the November 2014 update rollup? The November update rollup brings several reliability improvements to DSC in PS version 4.0.

Alternative: Install PowerShell 5.0 Production Preview which got rid of the scheduled task.