DSC Proxy Machine (Load Balancer)

I want to try and use DSC to manage a load balancer that exposes a REST API. Some chef/puppet-like tools have the concept of a proxy node that acts as the real device for purposes of configuring another device. How would I handle this in DSC (assuming I write the resources for interacting with the API)?

DSC doesn’t formalize that concept, but I there’s nothing stopping you from applying a DSC configuration to a Windows machine, and have your custom resources then do everything through the REST API.

We considered doing something similar to manage cloud VMs with DSC, but elected to use Terraform for that instead.

The xAzure module is actually a good example of this. You deploy a DSC configuration to MACHINE1, for example, and it hits the REST API to do whatever you’ve asked it to.

Have a look at this DSC resource I’m working on to manage a Citrix NetScaler as an example.

The DSC resource has a requirement on my NetScaler PowerShell module here: