DSC for clients?

I was looking to experiment with DSC on clients. I know DSC was initially for servers but is any reason it cant be used on clients for configuration ?

The LCM itself is exactly the same on clients. However, you may find that some DSC resources rely on commands that only exist on the server OS, such as WindowsFeature.

I expect a lot of custom module work to be done in order to get things right for clients. That said, in general I don’t see “why not”.

We use DSC on clients. Depending on how controlling your environment is will determine how far you can go. Clients tend to be squishy

The downside for clients, potentially, is that the LCM doesn’t really execute dynamic logic a la GPO, although there are ways you can work around that.

We just finished deploying 75 PC’s using DSC for the initial configuration.
Dave’s right, there are some things that require ‘creative’ solutions.
Some things to look out for - applications that do not install well without a user profile, and printers were a problem.
Of course the pc’s we installed were all desktops so no problems with them moving around much and in departments where they are generally the same.

It’s not quite as flexible as group policies for clients… i.e. user context isn’t an option, AFAIK, and when I asked, the answer was pretty strongly worded : )

That being said, if you want configuration management that extends outside your network perimeter, and that doesn’t require domain connectivity, DSC is a fantastic choice. At $LastJob we did some testing through our load balancers and were able to maintain configurations on laptops traveling around the Internet.