Don Jones' PS-Autolab Script

Good Afternoon all. I am trying to run the above mentioned script on a Windows 2019 stand alone server to create a Lab. When I run unattend-lab, the script goes out and downloads the ISO files from Micro$oft, and created the lab in Hyper-V, but the machines will not start. I get errors :

  1. WARNING: Failed to start lab. Are you running this in the correct configuration directory? 'DOM1' failed to start. (Virtual machine ID 71FB9AC7-3175-4633-891B-6FA80BBC79F7)
  2. WARNING: Failed to create PSSession to DOM1. The virtual machine DOM1 is not in running state.
When I try and start them manually from the Hyper-V console, it throws: An error occured while attempting to start the selected virtual machine(s) Dom1 failed to start.